Data has stopped uploading to my dashboard

If data was uploading as normal and then suddenly stopped uploading then this could possibly indicate that there is a problem.

If no new data has uploaded in the last hour

This is probably only a temporary delay in data uploads that is caused by one of the following:

  • Depleted airtime or data bundles
  • No WiFi connection or issues related to the wireless router
  • Mobile network connectivity or traffic congestion issues
  • Internet connectivity or server issues
  • Low battery
  • Low memory or other phone resources
  • Poor signal or no reception
  • OR, there has been no activity to report in that period.

It would be premature to begin troubleshooting at this stage as the causes of this type of delay or break in data uploads doesn’t usually last for more than a few hours and is normally corrected by those responsible without you needing to take any further action. Some phones will be more susceptible to data upload delays than others. This might be because a phone is in a particular area that is prone to signal problems or because the target user is running the phone at maximum capacity (too many apps running in the background or multitasking).

If no new data has uploaded in the last day

Although it is still too early to assume that there is a problem, if no new data has uploaded after a full 24 hour day then you should start considering the possibility that the software has been remomved or disabled by the user or 3rd party software (accidentally or on purpose). We’d recommend waiting for as long as possible before taking any action, as delays of up to a few days can be explained by:

  • No airtime or data bundles
  • Target phone not in use (perhaps the SIM card is currently in use with another handset)
  • Significant Mobile network connectivity or traffic congestion issues
  • Significant Internet connectivity or server issues
  • Or, there has been no activity to report in that period.

If you are in a position to rule out the airtime/data bundles and phone use as the cause then you’ll probably also be able to check whether the target phone is able to access the Internet at all. If it can’t then the issue is probably temporary and will be corrected by the Mobile Operator or Internet Service Provider concerned. If it can access the Internet then check that data uploads haven’t already resumed. Make or receive a call or message on the target phone and then log into your control panel to check. Don’t only look for newly uploaded data – check that the “Last Connected” is current (this would indicate whether the problem is that the device is not connecting to the control panel or whether there was no data to upload).

If no new data has uploaded in the last week

It is likely that the software has been removed or disabled, and you will need to take action on the target phone to restore things. We advise reinstalling the software rather than troubleshooting what is causing or what might have caused it to be removed or disabled. If you wish to troubleshoot the issue instead, then follow the same process as described in the article No data has ever uploaded to my dashboard. Here are the Guardian installation instructions. Remember to check that the device is still rooted before installing Guardian as you may need to root the device again before proceeding. To check the root status, see How can I tell if the phone is rooted?

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