How do I remove Guardian from a Blackberry?

Guardian is designed to be easily removed remotely. From your control panel you can trigger a remote uninstall and removal. If, for whatever reason, you are unable to access your control panel and need to remove Guardian manually from the phone, then you’d need to security wipe the phone to remove Guardian completely.

Here’s how to wipe a Blackberry:

  • On the BlackBerry smartphone, select Options from the home screen.
  • Select Security Settings, then Security Wipe.
  • Specify what items will be wiped during this process by checking off the boxes. Don’t check off the “Emails, Contacts, etc” option as this will wipe all personal data off the phone. Just check “User Installed Applications” and “Media Card”.
  • Enter “blackberry” (field is not case-sensitive) and select Wipe.
  • The device may turn off and on a few times and could take a few minutes to complete. When its done the phone will boot up as normal and you’ll see the home screen.

Wipe Blackberry

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