No data has ever uploaded to my dashboard

If the “Last Connected” time on your dashboard shows “Never Connected” then this is either an installation issue (specifically, that the installation was not completed) or connectivity issue (i.e. Guardian is unable to connect to the dashboard).

  1. Installation Issue

    It would probably be quicker to reinstall Guardian than to troubleshoot the existing installation. If reinstalling is not an option then we’d recommend trying the following:

    • Open the Guardian software on the target phone by dialing 555555
    • Follow any on-screen prompts, e.g. tap “agree” to the Terms and Conditions if displayed, or “grant” any permission request.
    • Swipe the screen to the left to display the installation settings.
    • Tap “show install dialog” and complete the remaining steps of the installation process
    • Restart the target phone and then check if the “Last Connected” time now displays the current time.
    • If not, then this may be a connectivity issue.
  2. Connectivity Issue

    A connectivity issue is something that prevents Guardian from reaching our server via the Internet. It may not be an issue under your immediate control, for example, a service outage along the mobile network or a signalling issue along one of the networks between the target phone and our server. If you’re able to browse the Internet on the target phone then the issue might be more specifically related to settings or 3rd party software that is blocking internet access to apps in general or to Guardian in particular. Checking settings and 3rd party apps will be a manual process unique to your specific target phone. We recommend doing the following:

    • Make sure that there is a SIM card in the target phone and that the SIM card has airtime or data bundles loaded
    • Check that “Mobile Data” is turned on (the icon is usually found among the notifications at the top of the screen). If Mobile Data is not available, check that WiFi is set up and connected
    • Open the web browser and visit any web page that you haven’t been to before (so that the browser actually visits the website and doesn’t simply display a cached version of the page.
    • If the web page does not load then the issue is global (i.e. is affecting internet access in general) and you’ll need to contact the service provider or a cellphone technician for advice.
    • If the web page does load then the issue is more specific. Before you continue, check the dashboard to see whether “Never Connected” is still displayed, and also check that your license has not expired (look at the “Expiry” date on the dashboard)
    • Check connectivity settings. The exact steps to take here will depend entirely on the make/model phone. Check that there are no restrictions being placed on an app’s ability to make a mobile data connection or to access WiFi. Check whether there are any settings related to Mobile Data and/or Data Access while Roaming if the device is currently roaming. For detailed instructions you will need to consult the manual for that phone. If you don’t have the phone’s manual then download a copy from the Internet by searching “ [user guide|manual|troubleshooting] filetype:pdf” (leave out the “” and replace with the actual phone model details, e.g. samsung galaxy s6 [user guide|manual|troubleshooting] filetype:pdf
    • Check 3rd party apps. This will be a manual search of all installed apps. Go to the phone’s application manager and check each and every running app. You’re looking for any app that acts as a firewall or that controls/limits Internet or Mobile Data usage. Pay particular attention to any security apps. You might also find clues by checking the notifications on the target phone. Swipe the screen downward to display notifications and notification icons.
    • If you haven’t found any clues among the connectivity settings or 3rd party apps then you should try reinstall Guardian from scratch. This time, pay close attention to any popups, alerts or notifications that appear during the installation process. A 3rd party app is likely to ask you whether you would like to grant Guardian access to the Internet. Make sure you allow such access and, if possible, tick any “don’t ask again” option displayed.

    Enable debug logging in Guardian and then send us the logs (automatic log submission is probably not possible for the same reason that Guardian isn’t connecting to the Internet). For specific instructions please contact Support using the “REPORT AN ISSUE” option from the main menu on this website

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